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 No Chapter selection or menu because a complete idiot ( MSR Productions, AKA Dave of Lightning Rod ) produced this one.

Not only without permission from ISD RECORDS but without any imagination or creativeness, much like his band Lightning Rod.

DVD Description
This is #2 of a 4 video set that ISD records released of the last concerts of Skrewdriver. Footage includes Ian playing guitar while singing. Definitely one of the best quality of any Skrewdriver concert. 

Perfect video and sound quality.




Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 13 Free My Land
Chapter 2 Voice of Britain Chapter 14 The Snow Fell  
Chapter 3 Tomorrow Belongs to Me Chapter 15 Smash the I.R.A.
Chapter 4 Europe Awake Chapter 16 When the Boat Comes in 
Chapter 5 The Showdown Chapter 17 White Power 
Chapter 6 Our Pride is our Loyalty Chapter 18 Hail the New Dawn (reprise)
Chapter 7 Blood & Honour Chapter 19 White Power (reprise)
Chapter 8 Strike Force Chapter 20 Strike Force (reprise)
Chapter 9 Hail the New Dawn Chapter 21 Suddenly
Chapter 10 Back with a Bang Chapter 22 Free My Land (reprise)
Chapter 11 Johnny Joined the Klan Chapter 23 When the Boat Comes in (reprise)
Chapter 12 46 Years


Where can I get these DVDs?