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DVD Description

This DVD contains footage from the Halesworth England gig in 1987 of Skrewdriver.

Video quality has been cleaned and re-rendered resulting in a very clear and crisp result.

This DVD has full Motion Menus for each song performed.



Chapter 1 White Power Chapter 11 Our Pride Is Our Loyalty
Chapter 2 Hail The New Dawn Chapter 12 Voice Of Britain
Chapter 3 Government Action Chapter 13 When The Boat Comes In
Chapter 4 Europe Awake Chapter 14 Smash The I.R.A.
Chapter 5 Streetfight Chapter 15 Tomorrow Belongs To Me
Chapter 6 Built Up, Knocked Down Chapter 16 Free My Land
Chapter 7 Boots & Braces Chapter 17 I Don't Like You
Chapter 8 Back With a Bang Chapter 18 White Power
Chapter 9 Blood & Honour Chapter 19 Built Up, Knocked Down
Chapter 10 Strikeforce

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